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Supported Remote Controls

X10 Remotes

Generally, every remote control produced by X10 Ltd. should work.
Additionally, it's a good sign, if one of the receivers on the right was shipped with the device.

Remotes with profiles

The following remote controls work for sure and have a profile integrated into the X10Receiver.NET v2 to have the correct button labels for sure.

Non-X10 remotes


Our free Android app turns your mobile device into a remote control. The app does not only provide all common remote buttons, but also views folders, files and pictures on your device.
Click here to learn more.

ATI Remote Wonder I/Plus, Marmitek PC Control and Q-Sonic 6in1

ATI's Remote Wonder I and Plus (8th/13th picture) and the Q-Sonic 6in1 (11th picture) are supported, too. Marmitek's PC Control and UR86EL are identical in construction to the Remote Wonder and work with the same plugin.

Microsoft Media Center Remote

The official MediaCenter remotes (e.g. 12th picture) are supported, too.

Logitech AST Remote, Varatouch iPoint Remote

These remotes is supported as well - their receivers are plugged into the computer's serial port.


Using the IRTrans-Server application, any remote can be used with this receiver.

Your remote is not on the list?

Of course we are interested in supporting as many remote controls as possible. Unfortunately, we need one of each type to develop a plugin. If you are interested in a new plugin for your remote control, please contact us. For some remotes we only need your help for a few minutes to make a plugin.

Testers wanted for: ATI Remote Wonder II and Hauppauge Remotes

Other Inputs

There are many other possibilities to control your computer and your applications:

  • With keyboard shortcuts
  • With the G-Keys on Logitech's G15
  • We gladly write a plugin for your hardware if possible.