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Philipp Keck

About Me

I started this project back in high school and keep maintaining it as one of my hobbies today.

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Other Contributors

Martin Scholz and Felix Bezler

... have helped a lot at the start of this project by finding a lot of bugs and having great ideas.

Tim Feddern

... also did a lot of testing and thereby contributed a lot.


You do not have to be a software developer to help us. Just send us your ideas, suggestions or the bugs you found to contribute to this project. Thank you!




  • FancyBox provides the full screen view of screenshots and pictures on this website.
  • UltraID3Lib allows X10Receiver.NET v2 to display information from ID3-Tags.
  • Delphifreak developed the library that connects X10Receiver.NET v2 to Logitech's G15.