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User Manual - Switch Channel

You can use multiple remote controls on a single computer (please only connect one receiver). In order to distinguish between the remotes and in order to assign different functions to them, you will have to set the remotes to different channels.

Only X10 remotes support channel switching. Also, the X10-remote type 9 does not have a setup key and therefore does not allow switching channels.

Switch Channel

  • There is some kind of setup key on your remote. It may be one of these: "Setup", "Start", "Select", "Hand", a blue globe, a hand symbol, a green start button or a button with a return-like arrow on it.
  • Press this setup key until the LED stops flashing and starts blinking.
  • The LED will "blink" the current channel (4 blinks means channel 4) and will then stay on.
  • Now, enter the new channel with the nuumpad on the remote. Valid channel numbers are between 1 and 16.
  • Press the button from step 1 one more time (short press). The remote will confirm the new channel by "blinking" it.

After you switched the channel, you will have to re-add the remote in the tab "Remotes".