Support Project Miscellaneous



  • Simple user interface
  • Wizards make setup easy.
  • Assign functions using drag-drop.
  • First setup requires only 12 mouse clicks.
  • Wizards for trouble shooting.
  • Comprehensive user manual



  • Only new files are updated.
  • Plugins are not loaded until they are needed.
  • Due to direct links, Actions are executed a lot faster.
  • No scripting languages or parsers are used to execute commands.
  • The user interface is exclusively needed and loaded for configuration, usually, only a tiny core is active.

Other features

  • Included: Android app to control the computer from your smartphone
  • Included: X10Extension to control Grooveshark
  • Phonepad-like text input function
  • Mouse control with arrow keys
  • Keyboard simulation
  • Window and application control (start, close, minimize, maximize, window messages)
  • Multi assignment of buttons and conditional execution (OutputHandling)
  • OSD for notifications, menus and timer settings
  • File system functions
  • Windows functions (Shutdown, volume, etc.)
  • Networking with TCP and UDP
  • Turn other devices on or off with a relay card on your LPT port